Hi, my name is Johanna and I’m passionate about teaching you how to knit and sew so that you can start adding your creativity and personality to your wardrobe!

It’s likely that you are here now because you’re a woman who wants to have a coherent wardrobe that expresses who you are but you’re feeling like buying clothes isn't necessarily taking you to that direction. So, instead you want to learn the skills to make some of your clothes and accessories, which will lead to having a wardrobe that is a better fit with your body, personal style, lifestyle, and where you can find clothes to wear all year through.

My approach to teaching is that everything starts with a good plan, otherwise you may end up wasting your time on making pieces that everybody else is making but which aren't necessarily a good fit for you or your wardrobe. A plan will save your time and allow you to focus on making clothes and accessories that you actually need. Also, with careful planning comes also the notion that less clothes is actually more, which is the key to make clothes and accessories that go well together and form a coherent wardrobe. This is a sustainable way not only for you, but also for the environment.

So, why do I teach both knitting and sewing? Well, the answer is not a simple “because I can do both”. Instead, I believe that learning both is a good idea because you can

  • have a wardrobe where you will find clothes to wear all year through
  • have more options in terms of materials, textures and techniques
  • have more options on where you can create your garments and how long you spend making them (knitting is portable, while sewing is speedier)
  • choose between knitting and sewing depending on what you have a mood for making

I learned the basics of knitting and sewing as a child but started utilizing and taking these skills more seriously only in my twenties. With knitting, especially, I had to learn almost everything from scratch again, and that's why I know what a struggle it can be to learn a new skill as an adult. Therefore, I'm here to help you overcome those struggles you may be experiencing with knitting and sewing! 

I live in Finland with my partner and our daughter and I study English Philology at the University of Helsinki. I have my teacher studies behind me, and once I finish my master's degree, I'll be a qualified teacher. I'm a DIY enthusiast, and a wannabe fit person who never goes to bed early enough because there's always one more how-to video or a craft podcast to watch.