Dressing for Fall Weather


This morning was a typical fall morning. Just under 10 ˚C, but super windy which led to the weather feeling a lot colder than that. The leaves in the trees are starting to change color. This is my favorite season.

I walked my daughter to day care like every morning and, surprisingly, we had no major crisis regarding what type of outerwear she needs to wear to stay warm for the 20 minutes it takes us to walk to day care. Yesterday morning was a lot colder, 3 ˚C, and that, finally, made my daughter realize why I keep telling her to wear enough layers and zip up her jacket.

dressing for fall weather 4.jpg

I work from home, so I walked back home and on the way I thought about how it makes me feel super good about myself that I’m wearing the right kind of clothing for the weather. I absolutely hate shivering from cold and I did a lot of that growing up. I still can’t believe it, but my mom seems to have had no clue about which materials make you feel toasty and warm in colder months. She did stress the importance of layering, but didn’t seem to understand why several layers of cotton didn’t keep me warm in the fall.

Luckily, my knitting and sewing hobby has made me learn a lot about materials. Wool is my absolute favorite material as I’m someone who can feel cold super easily. So, this morning as I was walking home, I got so much joy and satisfaction from wearing the right kind of clothes for the weather. I even send a message to my friend saying that it’s probably weird to hear me saying this, but I get a sense of pride for not being cold when it’s cold outside. Her reaction was: “Great subject for a blog post”. Haha! I just love how she reacts to my messages and she has extremely good ideas regarding content creation. So, here I am sharing what I wore today to stay warm in a typical fall weather.

Next to my skin I wore a long sleeved merino wool undershirt. This is the most essential layer in my opinion. Wool has to be next to your skin because not only is it warm, it’s also breathable and will stay feeling warm even if you happen to sweat. A cotton undershirt would just feel wet and cold. I will probably also need to start wearing wool leggings and socks pretty soon.

dressing for fall weather 5 merino wool undershirt molly top black jeans.jpg

For the next layer I had a pair of jeans and a Molly Top from the City Break e-book by Sew Over It that I made at least over a year ago. I’m not too keen on the material of the top, I believe most of it is polyester, but I’m determined to wear it for as long as it’s wearable.

how to dress for fall weather 3.jpg

My red jacket is the Maxi Anorak from the Finnish clothing brand R-Collection. It’s a cotton jacket with a stain, rain and wind repellent coating and fulfills the Öko-Tex 100 Standard. Last fall, I was in desperate need of a long jacket that would keep me dry in the event of rain when walking my daughter to day care. One of the best features of this jacket is that it’s 100% cotton which means that I can just re-treat it with wax if the coating starts to wear off and lose its water repelling properties.

how to dress for fall weather 2.jpg

I was looking for an alternative for a traditional, sweaty rain coat, and was lucky enough to remember this brand. It was an investment, I have to admit and I did ponder about making an anorak from scratch, but I did need a jacket pretty urgently so I bit the bullet and bought this. And I’m glad I did. I just love this anorak!

My shoes are leather Converse sneakers. I had a cotton scarf around my neck and I wore a pair of lined leather gloves. The headband is knit by me and it’s based on the Bea headband by Andi Satterlund. I don’t think I followed the instructions to the T, but I knit it such a long time ago that I can’t remember what changes I made, if any. The yarn is Rialto 4ply by Debbie Bliss.

how to dress for fall weather.jpg

So, that’s the type of outfit that I swear by during fall. In the event of heavy rain, I do use an umbrella, but that red anorak does such a good job at keeping me dry on most occasions. What is your go-to outfit like in the Fall?