My Roundup of 2018

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Year 2018 brought a lot of changes and challenges for me and my business. I started the year as a full-time student in the middle of my teacher training year, while trying to figure out things with my business on the side, translating a sewing book, and trying to spend time with my family. Quite frankly, the juggle was a struggle.

At the end of the academic year, around May, I knew something had to change. I knew there had to be a way to start spending more time with my family and I knew I couldn’t properly get my business going alongside demanding university studies if I continued the juggle. That’s why I decided to focus more on the business, and let the studying wait so that I could free up some more time for family things.

Being somewhat clueless of what I should be focusing on in my business, which is probably quite normal in the early stages of entrepreneurship, I did end up spending quite a long time working on my first online course, Knit Your First Accessories, which I launched in September.

Here are some knits for my Knit Your First Accessories online knitting course.

Here are some knits for my Knit Your First Accessories online knitting course.

Later in the year I had a meeting with my business counsellor, an amazing and supportive lady, and we made a list of what I had been doing for my business during the year. In my head I was thinking that the list won’t be long and I’m going to receive a reproof from my counsellor. But I was wrong, I was surprised at how much I had actually done even though I felt I hadn’t really accomplished much.

This is not an exhaustive list, but here are some of the things I got done and worked on in 2018:

- I translated a sewing book, Breaking the Pattern by Saara and Laura Huhta of Named Clothing, which was released in November.

I’m very proud of myself for having translated this amazing book with beautiful designs in it.

I’m very proud of myself for having translated this amazing book with beautiful designs in it.

- In September I launched my first online course.

- During the Fall I myself attended an online course about capsule wardrobes by Iina Lappalainen of Caps Look and wrote a guest post on their blog. I’ll publish a separate blog post here on my blog about attending the course later in January.

- I translated sewing patterns and wrote social media posts for my client.

- I worked on knitting and sewing patterns which I’m excited about and which hope to release this spring.

- Website development has been one of my many behind-the-scenes tasks. And it has not been easy doing that by myself without any background in web development or graphic design what so ever.

- I’ve had business negotiations.

- I’ve built courage and I’ve tried to learn more about myself and what kind of schedule works best for me.

All in all, there have been both visible and behind-the-scenes things going on last year, and a lot of learning and trial and error. Contrary to what I had expected, my business counsellor didn’t give me a reproof but praised me for all the things I had done which, according to her, was plenty for a newbie entrepreneur. Looking at this list now, it doesn’t seem long, but one thing I realized last year is that everything takes a lot of time, especially when you are a solopreneur doing every aspect of your business, well, solo. Knowing that, I am proud of myself even though it has been a slow start.

This year I hope to get better at delivering more content regularly and build sustainable habits so that I feel more organized than I felt in 2018.

Now, let’s chat! What was 2018 like for you? What are your expectations for 2019? It can be sewing related or knitting related or something completely unrelated to crafts. Do comment, I’d love to hear from you!

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